Ac explorer error updating map

You’ll need to migrate to CUACA (Advanced version).Information on how to upgrade is included in Appendix F below: Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced Administration and Installation Guide Go to Attendant Consoles FAQ Content Table Unfortunately this is not possible, the users will need to use the mouse or hit F5 then the arrow down to the longest-waiting call.As a key-value structure, maps do not allow duplicated keys. If you have a struct and you would like to merge a set of keys into the struct, do not use this function, as it would merge all keys on the right side into the struct, even if the key is not part of the struct.Keys are compared using the exact-equality operator ( Maps can be pattern matched on; when a map is on the left-hand side of a pattern match, it will match if the map on the right-hand side contains the keys on the left-hand side and their values match the ones on the left-hand side. The caveat, is that this would need to be populated for all the users.Go to Attendant Consoles FAQ Content Table I've been getting this question a lot lately, but unfortunately this is not possible, the speed dials are in the DB of AC, and the schema of the DB between the old releases and CUACA is not the same.

Usually the error is that my line is not controllable.Please enter your email address and then click the submit button.By logs seems that the deploy stops because the postgres objects in the database do not exist, but the database Schema Update is set to true and, by documentation, the schema have to be created if needs.You can go to to download the AC images and request your licensing.Go to Attendant Consoles FAQ Content Table Another very simple question I see a LOT, that documentation already addresses: Install and Upgrade Guides Review the Installation and configuration guide for the version you're interested in the above link, there's a chapter on CUCM compatibility included.

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