Aspxgridview rowupdating combobox

A click on the Update button within the regular Edit Form automatically invokes client validation for form editors whose validation settings are defined using the corresponding columns' Edit Properties.

Validation Settings property (it can be accessed via a column's property providing access to editor settings, e.g. In this instance, if the validation fails, error icons are displayed next to editors with invalid values.

If you design the Edit Form yourself, you use either the Grid View Templates. Edit Item Template template and add custom editors to the Edit Form's template container.

In this instance, when pressing the standard Update button, client-side validation will not be automatically invoked for the custom editors and the 'UPDATEEDIT' callback will be sent to the server.

Data entered by an end-user within the Edit Form's editors can be validated on the client or server side before posting it to a data source.

Client-side validation helps you improve performance, because it avoids sending a callback to a server.

Hi, Does someone know if it is possible to add the dropdownlists in the gridview control for all the columns ? Have the template columns with Dropdown Down List-inside-a-Grid View Something same solutions to your requirement in the following links, please refer :

I have a requirement that when the user clicks the Add button, the columns in the gridview change to dropdownlist and the user has the option of adding the values fom there and save it to the table linked to the gridview. Net-Grid View-Control-with-Text View-with-Insert-Functionality Hi, Does someone know if it is possible to add the dropdownlists in the gridview control for all the columns ? Also if you've set up your Grid like what you have in your previous thread then you would probably need to create a separate Grid View that would allow you to turn all columns to Drop Down List.

In this case, ASPx Grid View will be re-populated only when it requires data.In other cases, the grid will take data from its own custom callback state.See Also: Knowledge Base Article: K18183: Why might paging (sorting, grouping, filtering) not work in the ASPx Grid View? Now i want to bind a datatable to that combobox, this datatable is made in the code behind so it does not exist at the moment the gridview is being made.instead i have to bind the datatable to the combobox in the Html Edit Form Created event.

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