Avemariasingles catholic dating

Most of the profiles I looked at were hardly “radtrad” at all.

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I have no problem with people looking for someone from their own “rite.” And this is very practicial.

Breier– I think it is fair to state that the “leanings” of those who set up profiles on the site can be determined by the site’s own philosophy.

It says something about a person’s beliefs when he chooses to identify himself as a “constituent” of a site that promotes societies in schism and those that believe in sedevacantism.

Then what’s wrong with a “Traditional Catholic” website, which reflects people who follow the pre-conciliar traditions, which are at such cultural variance from contemporary mores.

By the same token, I wouldn’t be bothered by charismatics hosting their own dating website, or Opus Dei folks, or anyone else. Further, Most “mainstream” Catholic dating sites reflect the mainstream appaling ignorance of Catholic catechetics, doctrine, and cultural traditions.

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