Biracial bisexual dating in local area

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That means that every time you log in at Women Looking For Couples, you're going to have more people searching for you than anyone else.

"But I do feel open about dating other women of color." It is true that there is a connection between what is exotic and what is erotic for many people, said Daryl Bem, a psychology professor at Cornell University.

"One can see that in the different preferences that people have, in the classifieds, for example," he said in a telephone interview from his home in Ithaca, N. "The principle is that people who are sort of an optimal distance from you in terms of similarity spark the most eroticism," said Bem, who has published research on the "Exotic Becomes Erotic" theory.

"Also, within racial and ethnic communities, there's more of a stigma, so it may be easier to find another gay or lesbian person outside your racial group where the stigma might be less." Interestingly, the data also show that unmarried heterosexual partners have relationships as diverse as those among gays and lesbians, but the numbers drop when, and if, they eventually marry.

"There are obstacles to mixed-race couples when it comes to getting married, just in terms of family issues, cultural issues, whatever, and I think that's why often you see them actually choose not ultimately to get married because it's harder to be a mixed-race couple in the long haul," Gates said.

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