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***This review was posted on: Installed the 4 Komputerbay 8GB modules ram and wasn't recognized by my Mac Pro. Tried a number of configurations recommended by mac and user boards. I was hoping for a cheap solution but ended up buying from OWC.Same ram, bit more money, installed it, worked, now have very fast computer for video editing. Maybe got bad modules, maybe other factors, but I don't have the time to fool around.***This review was posted on: This memory works exactly as advertised in my Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H motherboard, with a Core i7 2600K CPU. Would highly recommend this if you're using a Sandy Bridge CPU. ***This review was posted on: I am not a computer geek, but i am a consumer columnist and i purchased these chips because of the price. SO far, they work excellent, and for the price I bought them for, can't beat it!Great sticks of memory, high recommend if you're looking to boost your RAM!I also use Dragon Naturally Speaking, and other programs that are fairly resource hungry.I find 8G (dual channel setup) of RAM is enough, but the speed increase was a must. Even though they do not have a heat dissipation kit I have not experienced any problems. ***This review was posted on: I had a good experience with Komputerbay RAM on my Mac Book Pro. After initially reporting 32 GB of ram, the computer is now reporting 24 GB of RAM. ***This review was posted on: 5 star quality and customer support at 3 star prices. Even worse, after a few reboots, not all 32 GB of RAM is recognized by the computer.

I would definitely buy this memory again, and I would buy from Komputerbay.***This review was posted on: This ram was exactly what I needed to upgrade my Alienware AX 51 system.Affortless install, no errors, well packaged and spot on ! ***This review was posted on: I bought the 2 8gb sticks of DDr3. Komputerbay customer service followed up via Email to ensure that I was satisfied with the quality of their products, service and prices. ***This review was posted on: Bought this RAM because it was very cheap, about 2 minutes into a 15 minute computation my machine locked up, so I shut it down, rebooted and tried again. Seems like a good company to do business with from my end. ***This review was posted on: I am very satisfied with the product I received and will gladly order something through this company again in the future. My shipment arrived on time securely packaged and in excellent condition!

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