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The pkg_add(1) utility is used to install packages.If multiple flavors of a package exist, you will be prompted to choose which one you want to install. It is possible to specify multiple package names on one line, which then all get installed at once, along with their dependencies.There are many applications one might want to use on an Open BSD system.To make this software easier to install and manage, it is ported to Open BSD and packaged. Updating trueos-base repository catalogue...trueos-base repository is up-to-date. if so, try the following steps; 1: sudo pkg clean -a2: sudo pkg update -f3. STABLE Desktop environment: Lumina X11 Driver:.........nvidia_nv_vesa_OSS Driver:.........pcm1: (play) default WIFI Driver:........ xhost-1.0.7 (9 Ki B: 0.00% of the 427 Mi B to download) sysadm-201702011813 (301 Ki B: 0.07% of the 427 Mi B to download) ja-fcitx-mozc-2.20.2677.102.02_1 (256 Ki B: 0.06% of the 427 Mi B to download) protobuf-3.2.0 (2 Mi B: 0.49% of the 427 Mi B to download) ja-mozc-tool-2.20.2677.102.02_1 (656 Ki B: 0.15% of the 427 Mi B to download) ja-tegaki-zinnia-japanese-0.3 (12 Mi B: 2.77% of the 427 Mi B to download) ja-zinnia-0.06_1 (106 Ki B: 0.02% of the 427 Mi B to download) ja-mozc-server-2.20.2677.102.02_1 (13 Mi B: 3.05% of the 427 Mi B to download) Number of packages to be fetched: 403 The process will require 427 Mi B more space. pkg-static: Not Found I don't know if it is related but my updates are failing too. ~% sudo pc-updatemanager pkgupdate Boot-strapping updater... FAILED Fetch Checking for updates to ports-mgmt/pkg.. Thanks is anyone still having issues with mismatch errors on STABLE? Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5504 @ 2.00GHz CPU cores:..........4 Memory (free/avail):3912 / 6144 Mb Package set:........

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If you're looking for a specific filename, the command to find which package(s) contain that file.

For example, a package might have optional database support, support for systems without X11, etc.

Some packages are also divided into subpackages that may be installed separately.

You may also specify the absolute location of a package, be it a local file or remote URL.

Supported URL prefixes are http, https, ftp and scp.

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