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This side of the peninsula is a lot less impressive – low lying, flat, more populous.The most impressive geographical highlight is the lookout of Mont Saint-Joseph.Benjamin, still sick of nature, chose to explore the town’s souvenir stores instead.* I know it gets confusing when both Provincial and Federal parks use ‘National’ in their park name.It also has good bike trails – I took the bikes off the roof and we cycled through the forest and along one of many bays, treated to beautiful views of the rocky coast. It is a hiker’s dream with a variety of short and long hikes of varying difficulty – I recommend the very scenic, 2 hour, Mont-Ernest-Laforce hike for those with kids.The Park’s camp site didn’t look great though and my decision not to camp here was a good one (camping was for later). Parc National de la Gaspésie also has the Gite du Mont-Albert, one of the nicest lodges to be found in any park, .

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However the main source of income for the Cambodian Bar Girl is of course her price for short time / long time.There are many reasons for Cambodia becoming more and more a sexual mecca for men in Southeast Asia.If you look at Phnom Penh for example, five years ago there were only a dozen or so foreign oriented girly bars in Streets 130 and 136.Means if she goes with a customer and has sex with him she charges money that goes 100% in her own pocket.These days the girls usually ask for 50 USD for short time (one or two shots, 1-2 hours) and 100 USD for long time (several shots, usually until breakfast the following morning).

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