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After spending a decade in seminary, Bart Smith, a 34-year-old pilot from San Antonio, Texas appreciated what the Internet offered him: a ticket into the dating realm.“I thought, ‘How else am I going to meet young ladies? I’m out in the country.’” Ryan Dick, 28, was eager to replace the bar scene with cyberspace.And thousands of Catholics like Dick and Perkovich are fueling the phenomenon.“It was inevitable,” says Mary Beth Bonacci, founder of Real Love Inc., a Denver-based Catholic singles ministry.“You would think all the success would erase the stigma of online dating,” he says.

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The site asks about body type (from “Washboard” to “I should maybe lose a few”) and touches on faith (“very important,” “somewhat,” “starting to be,” or “honestly not sure”).

“The key factors are just laid out—height, weight, education, background, hobbies, religion.

It took a lot of the effort out.” Single Catholics have an array of online options.

“There was no pressure to date or impress each other, so we became friends.” Lino Rulli, 34, former host of the nationally syndicated Catholic TV show , agrees.

“I like my rejection the old-fashioned way: to my face.

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