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First, it's a BYOF: on each of my visits some unseen AV tech was continually dithering the overhead illumination settings between Starless and Stygian. Next, there's a nicely curated vinyl collection and a turntable behind the bar where staffers alternate album sides: Steve Winwood and the Doobies for the older folks that come in the waning daylight hours, Vampire Weekend for the kids that keep it going late.

But this is played at deafening volume, contributing to the feeling that you're enjoying the work of the kitchen and the bar in a sensory deprivation tank.

I'm surprised that nobody else saw this on Chicagoist today:"Dale Levitski Goes Underground While it's now wise to take a wait-and-see approach to the opening of Dale Levitski's long-planned West Loop outpost Town and Country, the "Top Chef 3" runner-up is also jumped on the supper club bandwagon. For , it's worth a shot."urbandaddy.com/chi/2175/…

Levitski is cooking a weekly dinner at Relax Lounge (1450 W.

Her cheese selection is complemented by a salad of fennel, apricot, and marcona almonds, and the cured meat platter bears ribbons of buttery heirloom Tamworth prosciutto brought up from Iowa's La Quercia, a ham that renders the two salamis that accompany it practically invisible.

Even unremarkable-appearing dishes are prepared with a degree of care, and that's hard to be bored with: a warm Caesar salad of escarole, its bitterness tamed from a partial wilting; duck confit tossed with Parmesan and tiny cavatelli drenched in the wreckage of a poached egg; geometrically precise batons of crispy and creamy polenta dipped in a smoky chipotle puree. is primarily a bar where you're meant to spend your dollars primarily on the drinks, including a nice selection of mostly domestic craft beers, sparklings, reds, whites, and "reserves." I don't know how long Lacey's list will remain intact, or how well his backups will execute it, but for now the drinks—their names taken from song titles—go down easy, never ponderous and always balanced.

"Having cars available right when you get out of somewhere, having someone organize your life for you. My phone has been ringing off the hook." Honorable mentions Sophie Mittelstaedt on "Kid Nation" "Compared to 'Kid Nation,' I am utterly bored, so I crave more adventures like 'Kid Nation' and would love to do more TV work.

Dale told Out Zone, which is owned by Bravo, that despite their Bravo connection, the two “randomly…

There is the expected selection of charcuterie, cheese, and little bites, but each category contains surprises.

Schor's crispy black-eyed peas, which have a crumbling armor of fried flour and Old Bay Seasoning, remain soft, almost chewy in the interior.

Even the finishing blast of flaming mescal comes across as a mere whiff ahead of the first sip in a tiki-esque rye drink sweetened with pineapple.

I wasn't much of a fan of Kornick-Morton's DMK Burger Bar or Fish Bar, both in terms of food and environment. is nowhere nearly as hokey, but I did find some atmospheric elements that annoy.

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