Dating a korean girl tips

But worry not, if one or two of them are a problem for you.Because they can all be taken care of, if you play your cards right.

So, as her white, Jewish (80% of the time), totally-secure-and-normal boyfriend, you better be prepared for when your girlfriend mistakes "soup or salad" for "super salad." And since Asians have eyes like gravy boats, her crying jags are bound to extend late into the night. STEP FOUR: Locking it Down If you've made it this far, then you know all the dirty secrets of dating an Asian girl. You know we pretend to love drinking, even though we turn into full-blown red-faced injuns when we do. (According to my mom, the tradition stems from the groom's family giving the bride's family a cow in exchange for her.) So, if you're going to marry an Asian, get ready to empty your pockets. Of course, because of this, my parents want me to marry a Chinese guy and my brother to marry a white girl. Go to a Korean restaurant or ask your date to cook Korean food for you.Sharing your Korean date's favorite dishes is a good talking point.Remember that Korean culture is different from American culture, and attitudes toward dating are slightly variable.For example, women in Korea are not as affectionate in public compared to western women. Avoid trying to make out with your date at the bus stop, for example, as this will embarrass her.

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