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And yes, I agree that it is not an easy thing to do since you are apprehensive about a lot of things and also quite intimidated by the entire process of meeting, dating, and falling in love again.

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This is probably because it's easier to remember fewer facts.8 Online Dating Safety Tips While it's accurate that not everyone online is truthful, it's not the same as saying everyone is a big fat liar.Most often, they lie about their weight; women were off by an average of 8.5 pounds while men under-reported by 1.5 pounds.About 50% of people overstated their height (honestly, I would do the same since I'm only five feet tall) and 20% fibbed about age.However, most midlife women have some degree of mistrust about online dating and are suspicious about how truthful men really are.Younger singles are less concerned because they grew up immersed in technology and the Internet.

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