Dating frugal woman Flynt sexy wear chat

So, if a nice gentleman extends the invitation for dinner and makes the reservation, I would assume it’s okay for him to pick up the check.Again, using my example of growing up in the deep South, I know there are many men today who were raised with old fashioned values.

Or perhaps you’re a young professional worker in the financial industry.

They would never even dream of having a woman pay for her own meal, regardless of how successful she was or how much money she made.

It’s not about being more dominant than her; it’s just a polite gesture that comes from his upbringing.

Since you’re probably too busy to watch the actual video, I’ll give you the executive summary: In the linked episode, an unfortunate-looking man with really bad hair is profiled in his various money-saving adventures around town: scraping food off of the plates of other restaurant diners, asking for extra ketchup packets so he can refill his ketchup containers at home, and washing and reusing paper napkins, which he leaves hanging all over his kitchen.

Peppered throughout the show are voice-overs like “Roy estimates that over the last ten years, he has saved nearly 00 by reusing paper towels”*.

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