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The Sami are a nomadic people, and in the summer months many still live in their tepee like homes, known as Katas, which can easily be taken down and reconstructed in a different place as the people move across the country with their animals.

Festivals play a significant part of the Sami calendar, particularly at Easter, which is predominantly a celebration of the end of the dark winter months, and the beginning of a pilgrimage north for new pasture.

Jesus himself said to his disciples: I will send the Holy Spirit and he will make you understand all that I have taught you.

Understanding the teachings of Jesus, to understand His Word, to understand the Gospel, to understand God\'s Word.

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This goes along with the original, which was little more than an excuse to bask in the coolness of the Rat Pack.

They mixed with Germanic tribes years ago, and produced the Vikings, who raped and pillaged their way across most of Europe.

However, their surviving ancestors are a much more peaceful race, and pride themselves on the fact they have never been involved in a war.

These problems are lessening now, as links with these ancient people become more popular, almost a source of national pride, and certainly a tourist attraction.

The Sami are, however, inevitably becoming more westernised, as they incorporate more technology into their lifestyles – such as snowmobiles for reindeer herding – and more begin to live in modern style homes.

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