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"Looks like you had a good run," she said, and she put her finger against my abs again.

I liked the way she did it, and I liked that she seemed to like doing it.

I sat up on the edge of the mattress, feet on the floor and mind turning over what had happened the night before. She had remained naked in front of me for about two minutes.

We'd stood like that, next to each other, her naked and me clothed.

A pink scrunchie bound her hair in a ponytail trailing behind her and down her upper back. I told him she was and they met and walked off together to talk about something; I didn't know what. " "I think I'm going to take advantage of the beautiful day by doing some gardening," she said. Not sure about the rest of the day." Mom scrubbed a few more dishes and then turned to me.

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Mom was awake and tending to eggs frying in a black pan on the stove.I finished my run, jogged slowly back to the house, and let myself in the front door. She wore the little red bikini I had given her the night before for her birthday. I'd picked it up by the incredibly skinny string ties on the side and lusted at the idea of mom's delicious body being covered by nothing more than the bikini's miniscule pieces of fabric. From my view point her body was covered by nothing more than three small triangles of red fabric -- two barely reining in her breasts, and the other one barely covering the intimate region between her legs.And here she was, lying in the sun before me, covered in nothing but those pieces of fabric that looked even smaller on her tall, slender, shapely frame than I'd imagined. I drew closer to her and pulled up another lounge chair and sat on it with my legs off the side toward her.Seeing her in front of me, I kept thinking about having walked in on her in her bedroom, naked. It had been his house, once, but now it was mom's, courtesy of their divorce agreement. And I had the photos I'd taken of her the night before, in the running outfit I'd bought her. "I understand." Mom's hands were in the sink, washing dishes in sudsy water. The stack of panties caught my attention and made me stop before I picked up the phone. I saw a pair with an opening in the gusset -- it wouldn't cover her pussy at all. Two-thirds of the way down the stack I pulled out a pale blue thong. Mom was tall, for a woman, but I was taller, and she was in bare feet, so she had to look up to me, and the sight of her eyes close and turned up toward mine stirred something in me. In some ways you play the role better than your dad did." I liked the way she said it.I hoped it wouldn't make things too awkward between us. When she heard me she turned around and gave me a hug, with no weird pauses or weird looks. When I could tear myself away from the photo of her pussy, I pored over the photos of her in the skin-tight running outfit. "Something he had agreed I could have in our settlement agreement. "Sounds like dad wasn't being sensitive." She paused for a moment before replying. It was nothing more than thin satin blue strings joined to a tiny, filmy triangle in front. Had I seen mom wearing it I would, no doubt, have seen the slit of her pussy plainly through the blue film. My thumb was touching the part of the thong that had been pressed right up against mom's pussy, I thought. I put the blue thong in my pocket, readjusted the stack of panties, grabbed mom's phone, and returned to the kitchen. She put a hand up and tapped it on my chest, lightly and lovingly, and I think I puffed my chest out a little at her touch. At the same time, a part of me reflected on how odd it was that she hadn't said anything about me seeing her naked the night before.

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