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A 2011 attack that tried to shut down South Korean network broadcast companies and banks.

A 2012 attack on a right-wing South Korean newspaper.

“There’s actually no way [for the hackers] to determine who paid and who didn’t pay,” meaning that the chances of getting your files unlocked after paying a ransom “is very, very low.”Others have speculated that, if Wanna Cry is the work of North Korea, maybe the attackers just wanted to to test out its disruptive capabilities for future political attacks — a motive that would not be outside the realm of possibility for the Lazarus Group.“There’s definitely no ceiling on their ambition,” Chien said.“We constantly see them, doing little things here and there, but you only hear in the news the big event that happens.” Industry researchers later linked Lazarus hackers to the 2016 Bangladesh bank heist, which took place before the release of the report, and a financial system attack in Poland in 2017. that means a nation-state is robbing banks,” NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett said during an Aspen Institute panel in March.“That’s a big deal in my opinion.”“Do you believe there are nation-states now robbing banks?” a moderator asked Ledgett.“I do,” Ledgett replied.The Wanna Cry ransomware would be an unusual development, should North Korea end up being implicated — an instance of a nation trying to steal money from foreign users, both governmental and private.

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