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Tragically, nobody's even heard of a pavlova over here. It was around the time when I was 3 or 4 years old.

But I did manage to convince a friend to learn how to make it. My Dad had a little trailer-sailor and my parents took my sister and I away sailing around the Hauraki Gulf for a family getaway.

The favourite thing for my sister and I to do was to sit in the dinghy while we were sailing and be pulled along like it was our our own speedboat.

Those holidays were some of the best memories of my whole childhood. I don't consciously use an American accent if I'm not working, but it's pretty contaminated - as my family will often bemoan! A good month back home usually sorts it out though.

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Great Barrier takes the cake though, for it's rugged beauty, bountiful seafood and the feeling of truly getting away from it all.I’m pretty partial to Auckland's West coast beaches too because of the raw energy there.I've had many great holidays at Piha and always try to get out to Karekare or Anawhata Beach to just walk along next to the pounding surf whenever I'm home.Dizengoff cafe in Auckland’s Ponsonby Road is pretty hard to pass up for a great breakfast.If you haven't tried the mushrooms you're missing out! Actually I find most places in Auckland serve some of the best coffee I've ever had.

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