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Organisers say the tailored event is aimed at promoting the nation’s rich heritage and fashioned to facilitate relationship building and unification of cultures for Nigerians in the Diaspora.

It was witnessed by arts patrons, investors and members of the diplomatic corps.

She released a hardcore porn movie earlier this year, co-starring an actor who used the pseudonym 'Mandingo'.

Curious about what, if anything, this has to say about the state of a porn industry in Nigeria, I started on a digital adventure to find out more.

Indeed, it has been suggested that Nigerians search for more pornographic content online than Americans.

Kingtblak identifies as an entrepreneur: He saw a gap in the production of pornographic content in Nigeria and rose to fill it.Only a handful of them were willing to accept the label of 'porn star' due to the negative perceptions of society, he said.Women who are involved in activities that are deemed to be immoral face the brunt of society's judgement.Wild on Twitter Responding to a new 'follow' on my Twitter account sometime last year lead me to several Twitter pages dedicated to sharing explicit content, including photographs and [email protected]_Erotica boasts that it is 'Nigeria's Number One Porn Site to Act, Watch or Download Free Naija Homemade Sex Clips,' even though attempts to visit its website ( yield an error message.

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