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A North Carolina woman claims to have created a spray that will attract the legendary creature known as Bigfoot.

Allie Megan Webb, the owner of a body care shop, created 'Bigfoot Juice'. The creator said that her spray had been used in an alleged Bigfoot sighting this past August by Bigfoot 911. Around 11pm on August 4, Bigfoot 911 claimed to have found a 'large bipedal animal covered in hair' in Mc Dowell County, North Carolina, the Charlotte Observer also reported.

"Then you have to filter through who is really a Christian or who says they're Christian." Whitcomb turned to Upstate Christian Singles, a single's group for Christians, to find her soul mate, Jeff Lester.

They met on the dance floor at a party, sponsored by Upstate Christian Singles.

"It seemed like Jeff and I that night connected like three or five times," Whitcomb said.

Tal Groce is the director of Upstate Christian Singles.

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Bigfoot sighting reports in the Carolinas are common, with multiple reports circulating around Bigfoot enthusiasts Facebook groups and drawing enough attention from professional Bigfoot hunters to warrant filming episodes of TV series in the area.

I like my home be very cozy and warm) I like to say, that lady is a keeper of the happiness in her 'nest'!

All I need, is my'hunter' who will make me feel not alone and be happy to...

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