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I was listening to the health programme on Radio 4 this afternoon and there was a piece about anti bacterial sprays, the sorts which are used in kitchens and bathrooms and promise to kill 99.9% of all germs.There has been a study which compared families who used anti-bac sprays and those who cleaned using conventional products without anti-bac properties.

I use lavender and tee tree essential oils in a spray bottle (diluted in water) to disinfect surfaces and clean the bathroom etc. Also can;t stand those plug in scents or smelly candles!! Soap in the bathroom Washing up liquid and some Flash for washing the kitchen floor and bleach for the loo. I know someone who bleaches pretty much their entire house every single day You should see me and other half when we've been cutting raw chicken, it's like a military operation to clean up after wards.(The researcher did say that although washing your hands with anti-bac handwash was no better than soap, you should still be washing your hands and following basic hygiene practices in the kitchen and bathroom).absolutly agrre, I said something similar in a thread about this some weeks ago.i do use floor cleaner when i mop but not all the time i always use boiling water.for the bathroom i use general cleaner or detol and bleech for the loo.

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