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It's a mini museum of bones excavated from nearby sites.57 miles: Another cool (literally) stop is Moqui Cave in Kanab, UT.

It never gets hotter than 70 degrees, which is why the Native Americans used it as a fridge 800 years ago.

Stay over at the stylish Galt House Hotel (from 0;

32 miles: As you drive away, don't turn on an audio book yet.

You'll find tons of on-set memorabilia and can make your own greenscreen video at the tiny Oregon Film Museum.

Take a Zen-like hike around Bell Rock; New Agers say it's the site of a strong vortex—a swirling of spiritual energy that causes juniper trees to twist and, perhaps, profound or magical things to happen. Because Native Americans settled the area, it's a great spot to check out their ancient hilltop and cliffside dwellings, too; see pictographs and ruins at Palatki Heritage Site.

97 miles: Follow the path of explorers Lewis and Clark along the Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway.

Stop in Astoria, OR, a charming port town where the river meets the Pacific, and where '80s classic was filmed.

Order the avocado pie with candied lemons—you won't regret it.

movie will be fascinated by the free dinosaur exhibit at Big Water (UT) Visitor Center.

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