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SAM-e (s-adenosyl methionine): SAM-e naturally occurs in every cell of the body and brain and fuels over 100 metabolic reactions. In Europe, SAM-e is used as a prescription medication for depression, liver disease, and osteoarthritis (11).

SAM-e supplements are synthetically derived and sold in the U. Several studies show that SAM-e works as well for depression as some anti-depression medications by increasing serotonin, dopamine, and other “feel good” brain chemicals (12, 13).

Unfortunately, this supplement’s usefulness for depression may be more hype than substance.We prefer tryptophan supplements not just because studies have not conclusively found that 5-HTP helps depression, but because 5-HTP is intended for long-term use.While it’s increasing serotonin, it’s depleting other neurotransmitters like dopamine.All of the B vitamins are needed for a healthy, functioning nervous system and several are needed to synthesize serotonin (16).Here are a few that are integrally connected to serotonin production.

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