Teem chat cam

Truk is our "technical mod." Involved in the bird-cam community on a broader scale, he's been an active supporter of OKCOwl Cam for a couple of years.

Rodakae Is a semi-retired house wife who lives in FL in the winter and Ohio, her home state, in the spring and summer.Jeff Click OKC is a mod, but his more important job is to keep the feed up and running. Morlach lives in Adelaide, South Australia, grew up on dairy farm so has been around animals all his life.He tends to obsess about insuring you viewers have the optimal view, but he's more obsessed with the ladies in his life, Deziray, Alessondra, and Giavauna, and his new son, Xavier. Loves watching wildlife cams of all types from Eagles to Owls to Panda Bears.She lives with her husband and daughter on the south shore of Long Island NY. She hopes to teach her daughter all about nature, how to preserve it and keep it safe, and to handle it with great respect.She's also on a mission to see 3 wild animals; Snowy Owl, Bald Eagle and a Moose.

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