Teen views on teen dating dating self absorbed man

Despite the odds, the team begins to play together and they make ground against the Dragons.

During the final quarter, behind by one point, Scott is fouled by Mick at the buzzer.

Mick gets upset and taunts Scott until the Wolf comes out and attacks him.

His fans then turn on him and he runs out right into Thorne, who threatens to expel Scott from school.

When he returns home, he undergoes a strange transformation and discovers he is a werewolf.

A second sequel starring Alyssa Milano was planned, but never filmed.

Another female version of Teen Wolf was in the works that later developed into 1989's Teen Witch.

After he gets a role as a 'werewolf cavalryman' in the school play alongside her, she comes onto him in the dressing room and the two have sex.

Later, after a date set up to intentionally make Mick jealous, Pamela tells Scott that she's still seeing him and is not interested in Scott as a boyfriend, much to his disappointment.

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