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Several of his works in flash animation, along with multiple music videos and works of video art, have garnered large followings.

Notable animation sequences from Firth include Salad Fingers, as well as the comedic Burnt Face Man series.

Each year, at Christmas time, John Lewis creates a beautiful television ad that touches the hearts of so many people.

This year's ad features a little boy who is hearing a monster under his bed while trying to sleep, but you'll never guess what happens next! So many people, especially kids, want to run when they see a pile of broccoli on their plate.

David John Firth (born 23 January 1983) is an English animator, writer, musician, actor, voice actor, filmmaker, video artist, and broadcaster.

As a cartoonist, Firth's work is largely distributed via the internet, most notably through the popular Adobe Flash animation website Newgrounds and his own personal websites.

But this Wednesday’s episode recalled a relic of the 80s that, upon second glance, tells us as much about today as it does the 80s.

) It’s depressing, but it’s perfect comedic fodder for everyone’s favorite 80s family.Firth has stated that it is not his intention to upset or offend.Some of his work may be described as dark humour, while much of it is simply experimental, using many different styles.The recent hurricanes have been absolutely devastating.They have destroyed the homes of so many people, and animals as well.

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